About the exhibition

WBZ is a two-day event for architects, specifiers and developers from across Europe who are looking for inspiration about how they can reduce their, and their clients’, carbon impact – and to increase their carbon literacy.

Exhibitors are made up of those innovators who have solutions available now that can reduce the embodied carbon and waste from your current projects and those who will enable you to accelerate your transition to a circular business.

We have designed WasteBuild Zero with disassembly and reuse in mind and it is essential for us that our venue partner embodies these values too. The 2023 venue, the NDSM is an old shipping warehouse in a district that has been regenerated into a living lab in the city where creative and circular economy focussed activity is nurtured and encouraged.

Our stand constructions are 100% reusable and we have created zero waste exhibition guidelines for our exhibitors.

Where we have identified items that cannot be effectively recycled and would end up in landfill or the incinerator, we refuse to use them.